What stock sites do you use?

The main stock site I use is www.depositphotos.com and I now have a subscription so I’m able to cover the cost of stock images from there to a certain extent. Other stock sites I use are www.shutterstock.com; www.neo-stock.com; www.periodimages.com etc. but I either have no subscription for them or their stock costs are too high for me to be able to cover alone thus cost for stock purchased from there will be added to the total price of the custom cover. NO IMAGES FOUND ON GOOGLE! I ONLY WORK WITH STOCK IMAGES FROM REPUTABLE SOURCES PURCHASED WITH THE APPROPRIATE LICENSES. The same goes for the fonts I use.

Payment details?

Payment is NOT required up front and is done via Paypal only. Payment in installments is acceptable as well but we will need to discuss and come to an agreement that works for us both.

How does the process work?

The process depends solely on whether you’d like to be involved in it or not There are authors who love to be hands-on the project, some don’t. To keep a long story short - I will need as many details about how you envision your cover as possible; it’s extremely helpful if you already come to me with an idea. A good way to do that is to browse around and gather images I can use for inspiration (that being artwork; already existing covers you’ve seen and like the look of BUT NO COPYING ALLOWED HERE). And of course, the best thing that can happen to a designer is for an author to come with already chosen stock image/s(from a reputable source, of course; I reserve the right to decline using a stock image if I feel it’s not appropriate to use it for a legal or other reason). I take it from there and after lots of brainstorming and stock photo links exchanging I can get to work after we have agreed on what we’re doing! I love to work closely with the author and keep you updated with previews of the progress I’m making so that you can guide me in the right direction in case I stray off; I don’t want to end up with something you hate and also - two pairs of eyes are better than one in my experience! After hours and hours of work and messages/emails full of screenshots and previews, we finally agree the cover is ready. Then I send you the invoice for it via Paypal and after receiving clear payment, I send you the finalized ebook cover .jpeg file to your preferred email. That’s basically it! Fun, isn’t it? Then why don’t you book a slot in my commission schedule for 2019 so we can create some beauty together


- share your final cover on my social media and display it on my website gallery AFTER it has been officially revealed; - use the finalized cover AS IS (with your name and title on it) only for marketing purposes of my business, such as a FB banner displaying custom covers I’ve created with appropriate credits to the author. - in some cases the author lets me make an unofficial reveal of their cover in my FB group only with the agreement that it won’t be shared anywhere else until they are ready to reveal it officially but that’s strictly individual. - And last but not least, I reserve the right to decline outright copying another artist’s work, this is unethical to say the least and I’ll never do that. There is difference between inspiration and copying. We don’t condone copying here.

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